Want to be apart of something amazing? Join The Umbrella Corporation

Several members of the Utah Umbrella Corporation cosplay group have current or ex military and law enforcement experience. While we welcome recruits of all shapes and sizes, we do have a strict code of conduct policy which can be found here. Members must be 18 years or older.

Here are the current roles you may apply for in the Utah Hive:

Character Specific Roles

Click the appropriate link for more details.
Utah Umbrella is all about charity work. If you are ready to do some good, we are happy to have you.

A uniform with Umbrella patches is required. Check out our patch placment guide. A hydration device is required on ALL costumes. 

Ready to join? Please fill out this form. Have two pictures of yourself one head shot, one shot of your full costume.

Think You're Cut Out?

Umbrella Corp is an equal opportunity/non-discrimination organization.