Here are the current approved patches on your costume.

Medic tab: Must be currently EMT certified.

Special Operations: Must be highest armored soldier level while wearing

Other "occupation" tabs must be legit sounding and red or white on black. (ie Engineer, Demolitions, Communications, etc.)

If you are not sure, please contact us before having custom patches made!


The Cerberus patch is eligible to be placed on your costume upon completing “probation.” This is typically 90 days to 6 months of membership with at least half of our events attended. This patch does have a $10 fee.


White patch approved for scientist only. 

White patch approved for scientist only. 

gallery/patch_placement non veteran

The Cerberus Medical Team Patch Is Eligible To Be Placed On Your Costume Upon Completing “Probation.” This Is Typically 90 Days To 6 Months Of Membership With At Least Half Of Our Events Attended. This Patch Does Have A $10 Fee.


Scientist patches i.e. nametape may be red or black on white. Example below:


Umbrella Corp is an equal opportunity/non-discrimination organization.